Sit back for minute and think about this very carefully. In your lifetime how many hours have you spent planning those special vacations, events or maybe even conversations? Would it shock you to know that you have very likely spent more time planning any one of those than you have planning that thing we call LIFE.

Most of us also plan on living a healthy life, plan on having the perfect career, plan on having that perfect relationship, however:

Plans are one thing, planning is EVERYTHING!

The very thought of planning your next 5 days can feel like a tedious, challenging and scary thought, let alone planning out your next 5 weeks, 5 months, 5 years, 5 decades.  That is where Entrepreneurs Academy comes in.

We will help you take your life and put it back in your hands. You will own your path, own your decisions and own your success!


We are all born with a unique set of skills and talents, which drive our passion in life. If you are fortunate, you have figured out what those are for you and are living a life of Freedom.

What is Freedom?

It is when you choose what you want to do and when you want to do it, all while living a life full of abundance and prosperity.

If you’re like the remaining 95%, you are either convinced that you have no unique set of skills and talents, or you know what they are and are asking yourself, “how and why would someone pay me for them?”

The Foundation Program lays the groundwork for your business and your life. With the support of the EA team, you will walk into the 3 day program with a clear understanding of what your skills and passions are.  You will work to gain a laser sharp understanding of your target market, your unique service and your execution plan. .

What you will experience in between these 3 days however is nothing short of life changing. You will have the opportunity to work with some amazing and talented people and you will also be introduced to the most powerful and sought after person today…YOURSELF.


You need to be equipped with a bullet proof mindset. The perfect idea, the best plan of execution and the most lucrative market will mean nothing if you are unable to handle the outside world. How you deal with negativity, rejection and failure toady is how you will deal with it forever, unless you learn how to embrace it.

In the Foundation Program, you will gain a clear understanding of who you are, why you do what you do or say what you say. Better yet, you will understand the personality of those who surround you in both your personal and professional lives. Can you imagine learning how to successfully communicate with those that you conflict with most?

Personal development is heavily built into Entrepreneurs Academy to simply ensure that you are able to walk out of this program ready to launch and ready to succeed. GUARANTEED!


Congratulations! The fact that you are doing what you love is a rarity and you should celebrate your success.

Now, what if you could take what you do today and elevate your results? Would it be of benefit to you to learn how you could turn that one sale into another 10? Would you be interested in learning how you can attract more customers and then keep them for life?