Imagine being able to achieve and create in 8 weeks what most people spend 2-3 years attempting to create. Welcome to Sunny’s 8 Week Coaching Program!

The Coaching program begins with a very raw assessment on your current state of life. You will have a clear picture of where you are in relation to you personal, financial and spiritual being. With this information, you will begin to create goals based on those areas in your life that you feel need work.

The Coaching program is designed for those who want to achieve results…fast!

You are assigned a Coach who works with you on a daily basis (at an agreed upon time) and helps you keep yourself accountable to the goals you have set.

This program is INTENSE and when it’s played with integrity, it guarantees RESULTS! As a Player, you are also surrounded by up to 15-20 other like-minded individuals who are also Playing to WIN! The support within the Mastermind team is like no other and each player is supporting you in your goals. Any hurdles are addressed and worked through within the Mastermind group…Live your life at a high performance level!