Born in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Sunny Setia is the epitome of a self made man. Raised in a loving middle class family home, Sunny had a passion and drive for something greater than himself at a very young age.

His parents immigrated to Canada from Burma in 1972. They called Winnipeg home for many years until making the move to British Columbia. Growing up, Sunny was considered the quiet underdog. Battling a sever stutter, he succumbed to the embarrassment of his own voice for years. That is until he came face to face with his lifeline, Personal Growth. Life and the challenges associated to it continued, the ability to cope however became stronger. This was all because of his connection to Personal Growth.

Shortly after beginning his first job at a bank, Setia was let go for making his own schedule. At his second job, he was fired for making his own compensation plan at a cell phone company. It came as no shock when he decided to drop out of post secondary school after completing only two years to start his own business. The struggles continued as his father was diagnosed with Cancer at the young age of 53, losing his battle to the illness in five short years.

If not for his dedication and results from personal growth, Setia would have settled for a life far from what he has created.

From there, the seed of his vocation was born and he began and at the young age of 18 he began to lay the foundation of his successful entrepreneurial journey. He conquered and excelled in industries including, real estate, photography, personal development and personal coaching.

His greatest passion has proven to be his greatest gift, which has now become a reality through Entrepreneurs Academy. This Academy is the culmination of his life’s greatest struggles and achievements.

Setia now spends his days helping those people from all walks of life attain the ultimate dream…FREEDOM! For him, if you’re not extraordinarily excited to jump out of bed every morning – then you’re in the wrong profession. With that single thought alone, he has helped hundreds of Students, Professionals and Business Owners (elevator pitch).

Started in 2014, Entrepreneurs Academy has quickly carved a strong mark in the Personal Growth industry. Selling out all classes from inception, EA has helped create multiple businesses and save business owners from closures and bankruptcy through coaching and Leadership development.

Today, Sunny enjoys nothing more that the serenity of nature and spends a lot of time around water and trees. A jog through the woods beats any day on a treadmill for him. In everyday life, Setia gains inspiration when he sees another person overcoming their life challenges and attaining a goal they set out for themselves. True stories, biographies and movies of overcoming hardships always inspire him. One thing he had then, and still has now, is a big heart and a big dream.

When Sunny finds downtime, he enjoys listening to Top 40 Hits, House Music, R&B and even a little Sinatra when the mood is right. Another passion of his are classic cars. In particular, he loves the ‘50s and everything about that era!

With a full plate and hungry for more, Setia believes in challenging himself and doing things that other people say, and think is impossible. Clear the runways for this man as he is not slowing down anytime soon.